About Us

eConnect designs, builds and monitors information technologies, services and solutions to help companies meet modern high-performance storage requirements, with ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency and mission-critical reliability by providing configuration and engineering expertise, along with extensive integration and logistical capability.

In today’s world, innovation is the engine of change and information is the fuel. We believe that intelligent innovation is the key to leading in the marketplace, growing companies and ultimately changing the world we live in.

Through collaboration with innovation-leading companies with most the advanced technologies, today we offer solution models that can dramatically change how we work.


Within a few years, there will be over 50 billions more devices generating data than there are today, bringing new challenges. Data loads will continue to rise exponentially over the coming months and years, offering more opportunities but also creating yet more problems to stretch the limits of your infrastructure.

Our integrated solution gives joint customers an easy way to take advantage of digital analytics capabilities and third-party tech and marketing solutions through simpler collection and distribution of real-time behavioral data.

Modern solutions for big data and cloud integration must be at the forefront of technology innovation. Not only do they address customers various and rapidly evolving challenges, such as innovation, sustainability, agility, and economies of scale, but also to encourage the emergence of new data uses, streaming, real-time and self-service as vehicles for competitive advantage.