eConnect advantage leverages close partnerships with industry leaders in IOT networks, storage and security. Through our access to our Partners worldwide OEM programs, we provide the most effective, strongest hardware for edge devices and for storage systems. Our partnership with LORIOT gives us the fastest, most efficient software to manage and customize the needs of your IOT solutions.

Our major Internet of Things networks partner, software house for our services and infrastructure collaborator is LORIOT AG, headquartered in Switzerland with further offices in Valencia, Budapest and Tel-Aviv. LORIOT is a fast-growing worldwide leader in providing solutions for IoT LPWA software, offering the most reliable, secure and, above all, user-friendly platforms for small to large industrial grade LoRaWan deployments around the world.

LORIOT Network Server (LNS) is a service/software for the operation and management of LoRaWAN networks. From a population of heterogeneous LoRa gateways, the Network Server creates a uniform, secure, resilient and distributed LoRaWAN antenna with REST/TLS/WebSocket/MQTT data interface. Provides a scalable connectivity back-end for the operations of your LoRaWAN network, it features flexible, modular data output interfaces, which currently include HTTP/REST, WebSocket, TLS Socket, MQTT and a number of third party services such as PubNub, IBM Bluemix or Amazon AWS IoT. Output of the LORIOT Network Server can be directly tied to the LORIOT Application Server.

While big data projects may seem a complicated beast to many IT professionals, working on an Internet of Things (IoT) project will likely make anything else feel simpler by comparison. The sheer velocity required for IoT projects is immense. The term expanding velocity demands will be familiar to those who have worked on big data projects, being brought up in relation to data storage and a system ability to handle the increasing influx of data. Entire architectures and technologies have been created in response, enabling real-time storage of large data volumes. When working on an IoT project, however, organizations need to keep in mind not only real-time storage requirements, but also the crucial need to enable real-time analysis and decision-making.

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The volume and complexity of data generated by the sensors, devices and equipment in the Internet of Things (IoT) can overload traditional network infrastructure and data management and analysis tools. Plus, sending each piece of data to the cloud wastes valuable. And what about when the IoT need to make a fast, automatic control decision even when connectivity to the cloud is lost?

The challenge is to capture massive amounts of data for analytics and actionable insights securely and efficiently to benefit your business. Dell offers flexibility to architect an IoT ecosystem with analytics from the network edge to the cloud, customized for the needs of your business.

Combining the traditional endpoints, powerful servers, storage capacity ready to handle the massive influx of data from the IoT and the flexibility to run the analytics you need in the right place, Dell has your IoT infrastructure covered from end-to-end.

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